Tell us about yourself?

    This questionnaire will allow us to gather enough information about your background and your current situation so we can help you on your journey of looking for opportunities that will generate your income.

    By filling out this survey I agree to allow Harambee to share my data with partners at Harambee's discretion for the purposes of employment and learning opportunities.



    I have a formal (akazi) job with a contract that is MORE than 3 monthsI have a formal (akazi) job with a contract that is LESS than 3 monthsI have casual (ikiraka), informal or piece jobs (without a contract)I have my own businessI use my savingsNone of the above applies to me, I am financially dependent on others

    Work Experience

    Sales, Marketing or advertisingTourism or hospitality (restaurant, bar, hotel)Financial sector (banking)Retail (e.g. sales clerk)Contact centreSmall businessVolunteeringProfessional internshipDrivingInformation technologyAgriculture

    In order to join the Harambee database and receive services, you must agree with the following. If you have questions, please ask a Harambee staff person. I grant permission to Harambee and partners to use my information, photographs and/or videos of me taken in any communications related to the mission of Harambee to assist in publicity, promotion, marketing and/or educational purposes. And I hereby accept that I am participating on a voluntary basis and will not receive financial compensation from the photographer/videographer/interviewer, from Harambee and/or its agencies, employers or partners or any firm publishing and/or distributing the finished product. Mbere y' uko wiyandikisha muri database/system ya Harambee cyangwa uhabwa serivisi zacu, urasabwa kwemera ibi bikurikira. Ufite ikibazo, gana umukozi wa Harambee agusobanurire birambuye. Nemereye Harambee n' abafatanyabikorwa bayo gukoresha informasiyo ntanze, amafoto cyangwa se video byafashwe mu gihe cyose naba naje muri gahunda zose za Harambee. Ibi tubikoresha mu kuyimenyekanisha ndetse tukanayifashisha nk'ingero mu gihe dutanga amahugurwa atandukanye. Nemeye ko mbikoze ku bushake bwanjye kandi ko nta kiguzi cy'amafaranga nzahabwa.