Accelerating Youth Employment

Through Partnerships


Harambee is a not-for-profit social enterprise with extensive experience building solutions and innovations that can solve the global youth unemployment challenge. We partner in Rwanda and South Africa with business, government, young people and many others who are committed to results that can work at scale.

We tackle the youth unemployment challenge using data, innovation, partnerships and on-the-ground experience to build pragmatic, implementable solutions that get results.


Harambee partners with existing private sector employers and emerging employment sector employers to match unemployed youth to employment opportunities or design and deliver upskilling interventions to address skills gaps.


Harambee partners with different organizations including the Rwanda Development Board, GIZ Rwanda and the MasterCard Foundation to establish Rwanda as a Global Business Services (GBS) sector destination for investors. As Harambee, our role is to identify and upskill talent for the industry, particularly in English and workplace communication skills. 

In 2022,  the Rwanda Development Board in partnership with GIZ Rwanda (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) and Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator hosted a Global Business Services (GBS) conference which saw investors and analysts from across the world meet in Kigali to discuss investment opportunities and the incentives in place to do business in Rwanda. Learn more here

Harambee Rwanda has released a Rwanda Global Business Services Case Study & Special Country Report highlighting the value proposition of the country within the GBS sector. The report highlights Rwanda’s strengths including ease of doing business, a strong and growing talent pool of young people, strong and reliable IT infrastructure, and a high level of service delivery compared to other African locations for GBS businesses already in operation. 


Our microenterprise work involves the delivery of products and services that demystify starting and running businesses for young people as well as convening and collaborating with different stakeholders to bring down the barriers young entrepreneurs face. 

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